Our nine exceptional artisans. Creating our exquisite and beautiful jewellery.

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  Mahroz Hekmati


First making jewellery in Canada before moving to UK. where I graduated from the Birmingham School of Jewellery. Later on, I established my jbrand in the Artisan jewellery Quarter, Birmingham where I have my studio. I work with metal as the canvas and vitreous enamal as the paint. All my pieces are exclusive, handmade and are inspired by past and present, and by art and architecture.

Eve Claire Taylor


A jeweller, silversmith and metalwork conservator. I have a BA Hons in 3D Craft from Brighton University and a Graduate Diploma in Metal Conservation from West Dean College. I am a member of The Sussex Guild of Makers. My silver work is influenced by delicate and organic forms with the use of vitreous enamels to create an element of colour, shade and light. I teach workshops in and around Brighton.

Sarah Fox


Based in Somerset between Exmoor and Grabbist, Wootton Courtenay provides the location for the family studio from which Sarah works. Sharing the studio with her father (engineer and silversmith, Brian O'Hara) Sarah has drawn on his technical expertise and combined her knowledge from colour consultancy and a nod back to her textile design background to develop the Courtenay Collection range of exclusive artisan jewellery.

Emma Mogridge


Based in Devon - a graduate of the Birmingham  School of Jewellery specializing in jewellery and silversmithing - she afterwards worked in the Birmingham Jewellery quarter. She is a qualified gemmologist and diamond grader. She creates works in silver and gold and her exclusive jewellery is inspired by landscape, the coast, sea, sailing and boats



Katie Gayle


Katie was born in Austria. She moved to England to study metalwork and jewellery at Epson School of Art and Design after which she took a Masters degree at the Royal College of Art in London.  She relocated to Devon to live by the coast before returning to Austria. Katie creates her exclusive pieces mainly in silver, gold and platinum.
She is a member of he Devon Guild of  Craftsmen and the Association of Contemporary Jewellers

Diana Sherling


With an understated approach to design and an ethical focus in making, London designer and Master Jeweller, Diana creates graceful and elegant fine jewellery. She draws inspiration from tiny forms and organic irregularity from the natural world, celebrating the perfectly imperfect.  Inspired to create minimalist jewellery, Diana studied at the University of Arts London and in Hatton Garden and works from her studio in London.

Ruth Haldon


Ruth originally studied graphic design and worked in merchandising  In 2004 she started her business producing watercolour paintings and jewellery. Jewellery quickly became her main activity. She originates pieces mainly with beads and stones, and  only gets materials  she loves. She can wait a long time to find the perfect partner to show off their beauty, using only the best quality components, and finished with sterling silver findings.
Her studio is in Co. Durham,

Emma Lumley


Emma is a jewellery designer and maker, trading as Silverdarling Jewels. Originally from the UK she lived in New Zealand for 9 years, and is now living and working on the edge of Exmoor.
Her work is gentle and feminine with an emphasis on delicate, organic, natural and simple forms using silver and gold primarily.
She created jewellery for 'The Lord of the Rings' film trilogy and was involved, during her time there, with the film industry in New Zealand



Catherine Marche


Catherine is French, grew up internationally and is now living in London. She studied sciences, music and fine art, and took a goldmith degree. She likes to originate her exclusive jewellery with simple organic lines, in which she instills her native 'Parisienne', resulting in the chic and glamorous French playful elegance characteristic of  her jewellery. Being concerned about her impact on the planet's resources she favours the use of recycled precious metals.

Our artisan designers create beautiful jewellery in their own studios/workshops. Their pieces are unique to them.  Browse, admire and buy their work in our boutique.