Our Partnership

We focus exclusively on handcrafted designer jewellery. We feature beautiful exquisite jewellery from individual jewellery makers who create unique, quality, pieces in their own workshops.  We  provide a showcase to view their work and a shop in which to buy them. Ours is a boutique shop in which to browse and buy -  not a supermarket in which perhaps to get confused and lost.


This is the home of the individual craft jewellery makers. Their main interest is in their handcrafed jewellery. We bring them togther and provide a showcse and boutique for them

We display the distinctive pieces of jewellery for these creators in the Handmade Jewellery Boutique where they can be browsed, compared, admired and bought.  Each maker will send us new pieces to add when they have been created, and ask us to remove old ones. When pieces are ordered the jewellery maker will dispatch them directly to their client(s). If there are any questions, they will respond.  In this way we work with just a small number of  people. Each one's work largely complements that of the others, so that there is no unnecessary duplication in the jewellery featured here. Generally makers will have a small stock of their pieces so they will be able to dispatch them quickly, but some pieces are in effect 'made to order' so there will be some delay in dispatch. Information on dispatch is given with the piece(s) on the site


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Bangles, Bracelets, Pendants, Necklaces, Earrings, Rings, Cufflinks, and Bespoke jewellery We are: 'Just Exquisite Jewellery'

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